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Tianjin Branch Company


According to the general requirement by CAH to establishing specializedcompanies, ACT Tianjin Branch Company was set up in April 2005. With ACT’sguidance and support, Tianjin Branch Company has made remarkable progress. The companyinvested to rebuild its shops, standardized their logos, implemented themechanism that linked actual sales to staff’s performance review. As a result,the company’s sales revenue has significantly grown with the company’soperating performance rising 25.3% on a yearly basis. In addition, the companyalso adjusted its merchandise composition according to the passenger constituentsand their respective purchasing powers at Tianjin airport.


Currently, the stores managed by the company offers 6,253 commodities of20 categories, including 2,734 duty-free commodities in 5 categories, e.g., tobaccos, alcohols, perfumes and cosmetics, high-end merchandise and foods, and 3,519 taxable commodities in 11 categories, e.g., specialties, Olympic merchandise,tobaccos, alcohols, foods, tea, beverage, handicrafts, apparel, toys andmedicines. For local specialties, there are Tianjin Goubuli steam stuffed buns, Erduoyanr deep-fried cakes, Shibajie Fried dough twists, etc. Since theelectronic account settlement system applied, the business efficiency persquare meter has improved.


Taking advantage of its internal, external, customer and Olympics-relatedresources, Tianjin Branch Company consolidates quality assets, integratesdifferent brands, and strives to make full use of all its resources. Goingforward, Tianjin Branch Company will carry forward its corporate spirit of “integrity,efficiency, knowledge, practice and harmony”, keep improving its operation andmarketing capacity, and under the the leadership of ACT, strive for helping ACTrealize its development vision of “becoming an inter-regional andmulti-operation business leader in Asia”.

Jiangxi Branch Company


ACT Jiangxi Branch Company was established on April 18, 2005, consists of the General Management, Sales and Financialdepartments and a number of partially-owned duty-free shops, and has 55 employees.

The company’s business is dominated by self-operationand supplemented by joint operation and leasing. Presently, the commercial operationarea in Terminal 1 is 742.03 square meters, including 219.58 square meters of self-operated space and 432.45 square meters of joint-operated space (includinga duty-free shop covering an area of 90 square meters).

The merchandise under the self-operation modelare mainly specialties of Jiangxi province, primarily including Chinesealcohols, foods, beverage, tea, local specialties and daily necessities. Themerchandise under the joint-operation model are mainly porcelain made inJingdezhen, Samsonite suitcases and Paul & Shark apparel. The merchandise offered by the company’s tenants, including 10 shops and one Wuliangye liquor shop, mainly include alcohols, tobaccos and books.

Going forward, the company will keep makingefforts, upholding its corporate spirit of “integrity, credibility, efficacy, explorationand innovation”, and contributes to realizing ACT’s vision of becoming a “worldfamous airport retailer".

Chongqing Branch Company


The predecessors of ACT Chongqing Branch Company was Chongqing Shunda Air Services Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Airport Group Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. According to CAH’s general guideline of “professional management, brand-based operation and industrialized development”, Chongqing Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. was established on April 26, 2005. Later, after joining ACT, the company changed its name to ACT Chongqing Branch Company.


As a licensed operator at all the terminals of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, the company currently has more than 500 employees andmanages more than 3,600 square meters of commercial space. After Terminal 2 wentinto operation in 2010, the company enlarged its commercial space by another 3,200 square meters. Meanwhile, the company offers thousands of commodities in 13 categories, including foods, flowers, midrange to high-end apparel, jewelry, kids wear, bags and suitcases, books and magazines, fruits, perfumes andcosmetics and watches.


The company is dedicated to commercial retail businesses, promoting both agencies’brands and ACT’s own brand AIRCO, and will strive to cooperate extensively and continuouslywith business partners at home and abroad for a bright future.

Inner Mongolia Branch Company


Set up in June 2006, Inner Mongolia Branch Company is among ACT’s nine branchand subsidiary companieses and subsidiaries. On August 5, 2007, as the new terminal of Hohhot Baita International Airport which covers an area of 50,000 square meters, went into operation, Inner Mongolia Branch Company officially joined ACT.


Inner Mongolia Branch Company boasts 2,121 square meters of licensed operation area (including shops in Chifeng, Tongliao and Baotou feeder airports) and 80 employees, and mainly sells merchandise with unique Inner Mongolian features, such as ethnic handicrafts, Mongolian antiques, jerkies and dairyproducts, as well as tobaccos, alcohols, foods, beverage, bags and suitcases. Besides, the company introduced a number of famous brands to its stores, including SKAP, Hush Puppies, Jeep, Samsonite, Erdos, VICTION and Mengniu. Furthermore, the company has operated five book boothes at the airport by cooperating with BeijingJingdianbaina Culture Development Co., Ltd.


For four years in a row, the company has been evaluated by the Saihan District Consumers’ Association as a credible entity. While keeping progressingand working diligently, Inner Mongolia Branch Company has also worked with long-term plan. In May and October 2008 and August 2009, the company effectively consolidated the commercial resources of Chifeng, Tongliao and Baotou airports respectively, driving quality and efficiency up continuously.


Developing unceasingly, Inner Mongolia Branch Company will endeavor toenhance its management, merchandise and service quality, and make efforts tohelp create a quality brand image of AIRCO.

Jilin Branch Company


ACT Jilin Branch Company was officially set up and started operation in August 2006. It mainly sells tobaccos, foods, beverage, tea, specialty products, general merchandise, apparel, bags, suitcases, toys, wallets, shoes, duty-free products, books, audio and video products.


After years of efforts, the company now operates an area of over 1,000 square meters in Longjia Airport with more than 20 shops, providing great convenience for passengers at the airport. In particular, these shops sell various specialty products of northeastern China, which are very popular among customers, e.g., gingers, pilose antler, mushrooms, nuts and local snacks. Currently, the company has 65 employees with an average age of less than 25. This young team has been evaluated by the Changchun Consumers’ Association as an entity to consumers’ satisfaction, and was granted by the Jilin Province Administration for Commerce and Industry with the title of AAA-class Entity that Complies Contracts and Keeps Promises for the Year of2007 – 2008. 


Going forward, Jilin Branch Company will continue making great efforts in expanding its merchandise variety, improving service quality and enhancing operation management, leverage ACT’s commercial resources and management experience with local characteristics. “Work with the mission of ‘Chinese Services’ and create a good gateway business image”, the company strives to create the best brand among Chinese airports.

Harbin Branch Company


Set up on December 20, 2006, Harbin Branch Company has been the last branch company established by ACT based on CAH’s member airports by now. The company has 39 employees and is licensed to operate all commercial and retail resources at the terminal of Harbin Taiping International Airport for ten years. Presently, the company‘s business focuses on retail business within the secured section for departing passengers at Harbin Taiping International Airport, and covers an area of 420 square meters. The company mainly sells tobaccos, alcohols, perfumes, cosmetics, foods, tea, toys and souvenirs. While primarily operating a duty-free shop, the company is also consigned by Heilongjiang Province Airports Company to manage all other retail business in the terminalof Harbin Airport.


At present, the duty-free shop mainly sells 1,747 commodities under 177 well-known domestic and overseas brands in 11 categories, such as Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bvlgari, Hugo Boss, Anna Sui, Camus, Hennessy, Chivas, Ballantine's, Martell, Rémy Martin, Blue Label, Toscow, Tissot, Casio, Gucci and Armani.

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