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Corporate Culture
  • (I) Cultural Theme
  • Operating China’s Gateway Airports

    In CAH, we are an entity connecting flight services and ground services. In line with airport operation rules, we exhibit the magnificent image of “China's First Gateway” with other members in the holding company.

  • (II) Corporate Vision
  • International renowned airport retail specialist

    First of all, ACT expects to establish a mature and leading airport retail business model and management model, actively implement the innovative development philosophies in the world airport retail sector, and lead China's airport retail business to grow rapidly.

    Besides, ACT is always positioned to operate a cluster of brands in a number of sectors, including convenience store, fashion and high-end luxury products, maintain its leadership in terms of scale of retail resources and retail market share, rank among world leading players in the sector.

    Furthermore, ACT also looks forward to establishing an efficient supply chain management system and a scientific retail terminal management system, building and fostering an outstanding capacity to manage customer relations, and making operation management specialized, efficient and sophisticated.  

  • (III) Corporate Mission
  • Offering “Chinese Services”and increasing commercial value

    ACT upholds the implication of “Chinese Services” –  “loving others as loving oneself, and lovingothers because of loving oneself”, and implements BCIA’s brand philosophy of “PleasantServices and Pleasant Experience” to provide domestic and overseas passengerswith retail services of affinity, care, delicacy and continuous improvement,promote the China’s service culture and manifest a good gateway image.

    ACT aims to maximize the value of its commercial and retailresources based on its excellent operation management, maximize customers’satisfaction with its quality services, shape its business spirit, promote its businessculture, and continuously increase the value of the airport retail business.  

  • (IV) Core Value
  • Integrity, efficacy, integration of knowledge with action, harmony and win-win

    ACT strives to build a culture centering on integrity. Only with integrity, could a company develop its business appropriately and establish its credibility. By setting a performance review system, ACT expects to enhance its operation and management efficiency, as well as economic and social benefits. Meanwhile, ACT also makes efforts to integrate knowledge with action, encourages team study and innovative thinking, has the courage to take initiatives and focuses on implementation.

    By creating an internally and externally harmonious environment and atmosphere in and around the company, ACT expects its employees to work with aligned objectives, cooperate with one another, and build a harmonious enterprise. In the meantime, employees are also expected to cooperate and develop with society, the public, passengers and all other stakeholders to reach a win-win situation and enjoy achievements together, and ultimately to build a harmonious society. 

  • (V) Corporate Spirit
  • Staying credible and responsible, focusing on efficiency and results

    Credibility is the foundation of corporate development. To start with, we keep our promises to offer quality products and premium services to customers. Besides, we keep our promises to our business partners to communicate with them frankly and cooperate with them sincerely. Furthermore, we keep our promises to employees to strictly implement our reward and punishment regulations.

    Responsibility is the precondition of value creation. We are responsible for increasing the value of state-owned assets, being a reliable partner of our cooperators, helping employees to“have vocational development potential, work happily and lead a quality life”, and boosting local economic development.

    Efficiency is a cornerstone for remaining successful in competition. With our efficiency, we shall acquire customers’ trust, achieve success in the market, obtain business partners’ faith, gain other stakeholders’support, and get hold of space for our business development. Results are the criteria for examining our work. Only with good operation results, could we win CAH’s trust, society’s recognition and peer companies’ respect. Only with good performance results, could employees be recognized by the company and go further in their careers. In addition, both companies and employees are always oriented by the objective of value maximization. 

  • (VI) Operation Management Philosophy
  • Improving quality with services and creating value throughconcerted cooperation

    Servicesare the highlight of ACT’s operations. By actively offering “Chinese Services”,comprehensively improving the operation quality of its retail resources, andameliorating the quality of the services provided for business partners andcustomers, ACT establishes its brand in the sector. 

    Concertedcooperation is an endorsement to corporate growth. Through its highly efficientcooperation with airports, business partners and other stakeholders, ACTsupplements with them, and maximize the value of its airport retail resources.

    1. Market philosophy

    Gaining an insight into customers’ needs and perfecting theirtravel experience

    ACTaims at having an insight into customers’ needs, incisively getting hold of thetrend of the changes of customers’ needs, keeping adjusting and optimizing theallocation of such resources as merchandise and services, and creating aperfect travel and shopping experience for passengers.


    2. Service philosophy

    Grace, warmth, integrity, excellence

    Graceis our services’ aura; warmth is our attitude when providing services;integrity is our services’ principle; and excellence is our pursuit whenproviding services. ACT is committed to converting world-class servicestandards into the grace of Chinese Services, customers’ perfect shoppingexperience into the warmth of Chinese Services, the traditional Confucianbusinessman culture into the integrity of Chinese Services, and continuousmanagement innovation into the excellence of Chinese Services.


    3. Learning Philosophy

    Studying diligently, staying reflective, and applying knowledge towork

    ACT expects its employees to attach great importance to study, thinkdiligently, actively seek to resolve problems, improve their ways andapproaches to learn specialized skills required by their posts, closely tieknowledge to work, integrate knowledge with action, and become experts on theirposts and specialists in the sector.


    4. Human Resources Philosophy

    Focusing on both virtues and abilities, and being sociallyresponsible

    ACTtakes good moral characters and outstanding work capacities as the criteria forrecruiting and promoting employees, actively fosters inter-disciplinaryemployees that have an international vision and could actively make contributionsto both the nation and the society, and guides employees to exhibit a goodgateway image at the airports, and to make active contributions and workscrupulously to fulfill their duties.

  • (I) Employees’ Code of Conduct
  • Being solidary and friendly to one another, treating customers well, working diligently and respectfully, obeying laws and disciplines

    First of all, employees are expected to respect, tolerate, understand and support one another, uphold the company’s service culture, and provide customers with meticulous services.

    Besides, employees should love their job, work diligently while remaining modest, and be persistent at work. Meanwhile, employees are also expected to be introspective and strict to themselves, and consciously abide by state laws and regulations, as well as work disciplines.

  • (II) Management’s Code of Conduct
  • Being pragmatic, innovative, contributive, introspective, cooperative, efficient, fair and incorruptible

    To start with, the management are expected to be practical and realistic, and have the spirit of learning and innovation. The management shall not care about their personal losses or gains, always put the company’s interests above their personal ones, and be responsible, accountable and contributive.

    Besides, the management should focus on team cooperation, keep improving the company’s benefits, efficiency and efficacy, and maintain their rectitude, self-esteem,self-respect and introspectiveness. 

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