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Registered in 2005, “AIRCO Commercial” is one of the Famous Trademarks of Beijing, and is listed in the first group of “Chinese Services” exemplary brands of CAH. Since its inception, ACT has built a number of milestone along its way of brand development.

Going forward, ACT will leverage this famous trademark,further implement all the strategies related to improving the brand value, andstrive to make the brand a “Famous Trademark of China”.

Focused on passengers and based on its brands, ACT will doughtilyface all forthcoming challenges, grasp every previous opportunities, and becommitted to brand development. In return, the company will also feel the brand’spower. While boosting the establishment of a retail business developmentplatform with huge potential, “AIRCO Commercial” will further advance with youand us.

In the brand logo,the point in the initial Chinese character evolves into an abstract cloud with acolorful curve rising gracefully below, representing the brand’s risingtendency in future. The stately and elegant writing style of “AIRCO Commercial”and its purple color embody an air of nobleness, presenting the solidfoundation of the brand. The entire logo integrates grace with lightness, conveyingthe brand value, which 

allows passengers to shop gracefully and enjoy theirtrips in the air.

The pattern of the logo is originated froma pattern of traditional Chinese window lattices, exhibiting the profoundtradition embodied by AIRCO, which carries forward the time-honoredConfucianism and implies the spirit of integrity that consists of both uprightnessand sophistication. Year in and year out, the image, ideas, time and space areintegrated in this very brand.

Sub color – Amber red

The color manifests the brand’s classinessand self-control in appearance and richness in quality. The brand’s statelyquality derives from the image of Beijing, which serves as the capital ofChina, a great civilization lasting for about five thousand years. 

After years of brand building, ACT has made remarkable achievements and staged an impressive performance. Since 2005, ACT has made significant improvements in terms of sales revenues, operation scale, number of commodities and brands, ACI customer satisfaction service indicator, etc. Meanwhile, the average growth rate of the sales performance indicator has taken the lead in the Chinese retail sector, while the brand recognition and influence have been improving. According to the results of an investigation on the brand recognition of “AIRCO Commercial”, more than half of the interviewed passengers knew of the brand, and 11% were very familiar with it and became loyal consumers of the brand. Over recent years, “AIRCO Commercial” has kept trying new approaches to brand expansion. The launch of its proprietary handicrafts and AIRCO membership cards are the company’s attempts for expanding into different fields. Through corporate construction, “AIRCO Commercial” has become more than a symbol or concept. Rather, the brand has turned into the company’sactions and an asset, winning passengers’ satisfaction and a bright future for the company.  

On June 30, 2011, “AIRCO Commercial” was officially entitled a “FamousTrademark of Beijing” by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, ranking among such big brands as “Yansha”, “Tongrentang” and “Daoxiangcun” in Beijing and Air China’s “Phoenix” in the civil aviation sector, and becoming the only trademark in CAH that has ever received this prominent honor.  

An excellent brand is based on its company’s product and service quality, capacities and overall image, and on market recognition. Conversely, this honor indicates that AIRCO Commercial is recognized by authorities in all preceding aspects, and symbolizes that the ACT’s brand has been appreciated by both consumers and the market, and become a leading brand in the sector.

“Famous Trademark of Beijing”Certificate 

In 2011, after six years’ efforts since its creation, “AIRCOCommercial” has developed from an unknown brand into an exemplary brand, while expanded from Beijing Airport to eight airports at the provincial and municipal level around China. Meanwhile, the company’s business also broadened from selling convenience products and daily necessities to currently diversified commodities in multiple categories, including travel accessories, high-endfashion, jewelry and electronic products. “AIRCO Commercial” has become more than just a logo or symbol. Rather, it has seeped into ACT in all aspects, become an essential part in ACT’s history, and has been growing with ACT together.  


In 2005, according to CAH’s specialized restructuring strategy, and relying on airport commercial and retail resources, a brand-new ACT was officially registered and became a specialized company within CAH across different provinces and municipalities. According to CAH’s guidance and strategic requirement of “specialized management, brand-based operation and industrialized development”, ACT’s brand building began in 2005 simultaneously with the start of the company’s specialized restructuring. Later in 2006, the brand “AIRCO Commercial” was officially launched.


Along with ACT’s continuous development, the company’s specialized capacities kept improving. Consequently, the brand “AIRCO Commercial” gradually acquired certain recognition and influence, building a foundationand platform for the development of ACT’s sub-brands. As the company’s business diversified, a singular brand covering the entire sector could no longer meet the requirements of ACT’s strategy of diversified developments. Therefore, ACT started to create a sub-brand – When Terminal 3 of BCIA went into operation in2008, the sub-brand “AIRCO” dedicated to convenience products came into being.

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