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Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. (“ACT”) hereby gaurantees:

I. Variety and Quality
1. The range of our products shall satisfy different consumers’demands, from the low to the high end.
2. All the products sold by ACT shall meet the quality standards and regulations set up by the State.
II. Prices and Returns
3. If it is found that any product here is sold at a price higher than that in any other franchised shop or any benchmark shopping center, after ACT’s verification, the customer will receive a refund twice as much as the price difference within 15 work days.
4. Within 30 days of the day on which a customer buys a product, with the corresponding purchase voucher (both the receipt and the invoice), he could choose to return the product for a refund or exchange the product with another. The request for return or exchange is not acceptable if the purchased item has any of the following issues other than quality problems:
a) The product has been unpacked or used, or the package is stained or damaged;
b) Any accessory in the original package of the product (the manufacturer’s certificate, the brand label, the specifications, gifts, etc.) is lost;
c) The product falls into such categories as tobacco, alcohols, foods, medicines, health care products, cosmetics, underwear, clocks and watches, jewelry or gold products; and
d) When it is notified beforehand that products are sold with no acceptance for return or exchange (e.g., defected products or gifts sold with a discount).
III. Services and Speed
1. We shall respond a customer’s request within five seconds.
2. We shall settle each account within five minutes.
3. We shall respond to any customer’s feedback within three work days.
4. There are 24-hours convenience stores and stores serving night flight passengers.
IV. Special Services and Added Values
1. Assisting customers to check in large volume products:
We provide the service to assist a customer to check in the large volume products purchased with the sales voucher.
2. Assisting customers to board airplanes with large volume products: 
We provide the service to assist a customer to board with the large products if the sales voucher is presented.
3. Complimentary product delivery service:
We provide the complimentary delivery service for any product that falls in such categories as apparel, shoes and hats, bags and suitcases and leather products, is in line with the delivery regulations and is accompanied with ACT’s sales voucher.
4. Complimentary apparel alteration service:
We provide free trousers heming/altering service and the complimentary delivery service if the sales voucher is presented.
5. Complimentary keeping service:
Our shops complimentarily keep any product bought by any customer from us if the the sales voucher is presented.
6. Telephone reservation service:
A customer can dial ACT's 24/7 service supervision numbers to reserve the products needed. Upon receiving the call, we shall deliver the requested items to the gate closest to the customer, or assist the customer to deliver the items to a designated address via courier. 
Please kindly call our 24hours service supervision numbers as follows:
Terminal 1 & 2: 86-10-6455 6866
Terminal 3: 86-10-6455 6888
As the preceding undertakings are announced to the public, consumers are encouraged to monitor our conducts and services.
Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.

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T1 & T2 & T3: 18800103131
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