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Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.

Beijing Capital Airport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. (“ACT”) is a subsidiary wholly owned by Capital Airports Holding Company (“CAH”). ACT was founded in 1988, formerly a store located at the terminal of Beijing Capital International Airport (“BCIA”). In 2005, ACT was officially established according to CAH's specialized reorganization strategy. Today, ACT manages more than 46,000 square meters of commercial and retail space, nearly 100,000 commodities and more than 2,200 employees in the airports of eight municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions in China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jilin, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang.


In2011, AIRCO Commercial, the brand elaborately developed by ACT for six years, was appraised by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce as one of the Famous Trademarks of Beijing, ranking among such outstanding brands as Yansha, Tongrentang and Daoxiangcun. AIRCO Commercial includes boutiques, convenience stores, specialty stores and handicraft stores, can fully satisfy diversified consumption demand of passengers from the low to the high end, and offers perfect shopping choices to passengers. In 2011, ACT launched AIRCO membership cards and became the first airport retailer in China that ever operates a membership system. By the end of 2012, AIRCO member club had 8,874 members.


After CAH set its “promoting Chinese Services and presenting a good gateway image”mission in 2010, ACT has been striving to become “an advocator of the Chinese Services concept, an implementer of the Chinese Services standard, a demonstrator of the Chinese Services provider, and a promoter of the Chinese Services culture”. Going forward, upholding its service philosophy of “grace, warmth, integrity and excellence”, ACT will also demonstrate the essence of “Chinese Services” to all passengers through its day-to-day operations.  

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